At present cutting files for the standard version of most of the Dudley Dix designs are available. For designs not listed, please contact us.

All kit- and cutting file prices refer to the standard design and include designer royalties. Prices may vary for different versions and are subject to change. Exact prices can only be determined once the detailed design and scope of supply has been agreed upon. As option we can also supply customised versions of existing designs to meet individual requirements.

Cutting Files

From a cost point of view it is normally best to have the kit cut by a local CAM workshop of your choice.
CF Prices:

  • Standard Dix 43’ designs start at 3’900 €
  • Standard Dix 38’ designs start at 3’700 €

Pre-Cut Kits

Pre-cut kits are available for both steel and aluminium construction:

For the US and Canada (aluminium):

Odyssey Yachts
Arlington, TN, USA
Brian Russell 901.867.7300

For Australia (aluminium):

John Pontifex
Plate Alloy Australia Pty Ltd
Office: 157 Herald Street, Cheltenham
Factory: 12-14 Elma Road, Cheltenham
Victoria, 3192 Australia
03 9555 6399

For South Africa (aluminium):

Welding Fabrication Services cc
P.O. Box 28003 CK no. 95/01816/23
Bothasig 7 Jig Avenue
7406 Montague Gardens
Tel: +27 (21) - 551 1426
Fax: +27 (21) - 551 5677

Pre-cut aluminium kits normally include the following:

  • Approved quality 5083 plate with certificates (also available in Sealium or Alustar), T-stringers and extrusions are normally 6082-T6. Within the US 5086 plate and extrusions are most commonly used.
  • Most components are pre-cut: frames, foils, hull plating (only straight sections are cut), tanks & lids, floors, engine bearers, centre line stringer, ballast seal plates, doubler plates, frame flanges chain locker, chain plate supports, keel sole.
  • Frames and deck girders are cut from plate to accept welded flanges.
  • All deck plating (approx. 95% pre-cut)
  • Openings for stringers, plumbing and interior fastening holes on all frames, limber holes, tank lids with mounting holes
  • full size lofting floor in MDF
  • Reference lines on most hull and deck plating
  • T-stringers & extrusions, frame flanges

Note: On radius chine designs the rolled chine plating is normally fitted manually and hence not CNC cut.

Prices of Pre-cut Aluminium Kits:

Kit prices mentioned below are estimates only and depend on a number of variables such as plate costs, the applied scantlings, and the amount of off-cut. The approx. price for a standard Dix 43 aluminium kit excl. VAT and transport is in the range of 31’000 € + cutting files. Sealium will cost approx. 10% more than EN 5083, Alustar approx. 50% more.

  • A Dix 43 PH Kit Ex US in 5086 plate will cost approx. 44’500 USD.
    (incl. cutting files, excl. plans)

Pre-cut Steel Kits

Pre-cut steel kits are available Ex Holland and include very much the same components as an aluminium kit would:

  • Lloyds grade ‘A’ ship building steel sheet 6m x 2m, 3.1 certificates
  • Hull and deck stringers are flat bar. Hull stringers are pre-rolled for better fit
  • Frames and deck girders are cut from plate to accept welded flanges.
  • All components shot blast to ISO-Sa 40 1/2 and primed with a Lloyd's approved welding primer suitable for stick or MIG welding (such as Sigmaweld MC, Interplate 937 Nippe Ceramo or other to clients specification)

If required kits are also available in special high strength steels such as Domex 550 MC. Weather resistant steels containing copper are not recommended (i.e. Corten or Domex “W” series steels).

Prices for Pre-cut Steel kits

Pre-cut steel kits are priced at approx 2.50 €/kg. This excludes the actual cutting files and plans as well as the lofting floor. For a Dix 43’PH approx 8800 kg steel is required.

Terms and Conditions

We can only sell kits or cutting files if you have purchased the original Dudley Dix plans. Both the plans and the files may be used for construction of one boat only. Our files may not be sold, copied, modified or made available to any third party other than the company employed to cut the kit.

Preparing a standard cutting file package may only take a few days where as a non-standard package may require a lead time of 4 weeks or more. Cutting files are normally supplied directly to the company employed to cut the kit. Due to varying sheet dimensions and transport restrains, these files may require re-nesting by us or the cutting company.

Our cutting files and kits are designed according to customer specifications and/or specifications and scantlings provided by the designer. We cannot be held responsible for any loses or damages resulting from errors within such scantling lists.

We can not be held liable for defects of the hull or the finished yacht resulting form incorrect scantlings or other design details. If the boat is to be certified, the owner / builder is advised to consult with his certification bureau to ensure that all components and their dimensions conform to the requirements of the relevant certification body prior to construction of the hull and prior to design of the cutting files.